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Governor Walker has yet to sign mascot bill

MADISON -- Governor Scott Walker has less than a week to either sign or veto a bill that would allow schools to keep their Native American themed mascots. Governor Walker says he's getting a lot of input from people who are for and against the bill, but more importantly he's getting advice about the legal implications.

The Wisconsin State Assembly passed the mascot bill in October and the senate followed suit in November. Now, the state must hold a hearing if one person files a complaint. The new bill will require petitions with signatures from at least 10% of the school's population before the process to remove the name can begin.

The Governor says he hasn't signed the bill yet, because he has higher priorities. \"My priorities have been the worker training bills, the 100 million dollars of property tax relief, the things that were part of our legislative agenda and we didn't as for a bill one way or another on the mascot,\" says Governor Walker. \"We've had other issues. Not that they're not important, just not on our priority list.\"

Governor Walker has until December 19th to sign or veto the bill. If he doesn't do anything it automatically becomes law.

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