Governor Walker Gives his State of State Address

Governor Scott Walker gave us a look at what he wants to do going forward under strong republican majorities in the assembly and the senate.

Walker talked about more people being in the Wisconsin workforce now than at any time in state history.

The tax cuts put in place under his administration he said were a commitment toward public education going forward.

Walker said he is planning on making college more affordable with tuition freezes.

He also addressed criticism of his transportation budget plan head on as one outspoken critic Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos sat behind him.

Walker said his budget will add money into safety and maintenance.

"We can do all this-and more- without a gas tax or vehicle registration fee increase. I will keep the promise I made to the voters in the last election. Whether you agree with me or not, I hope you can respect that I will keep my word. We were not sent here by the people of Wisconsin to raise taxes,” said Walker.

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