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Governor Walker called hypocrite for drug testing of welfare recipients while taking donation from cannabis organization

Critics of Governor Walker's plan to drug test welfare recipients think they've caught him in one big contradiction.

Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now was joined by Milwaukee State Rep. LaTonya Johnson in calling out the governor for accepting $25,000 from the National Cannabis Association as head of the Republican Governors Association.

"Scott Walker wants to drug test poor people simply because they're poor," said Ross. "While he takes money from the drug trade association."

"Wisconsin Democrats are desperate to distract from the positive results Gov. Walker is achieving for Wisconsin," said Jon Thompson, Communications Director Republican Governors Association (RGA). "And with this political stunt today, they are only reminding voters that they are out of touch, out of ideas, and have no message to run on."

In the past, Representative Robin Vos says he believes the testing will improve jobless numbers, and get abusers help.

"Most people who are on food stamps or welfare benefits, they want to work, and if you are addicted to drugs that's one of the barriers to actually getting a meaningful paying job," Vos said.

But there are conflicting views on if it is cost effective for the result.

In 2013 the state of Missouri spent $493,000 on drug tests for 33,000 people. Only 20 came back positive. The same happened in Utah, Oklahoma, and Florida.

But at last report the republican majority was still backing the governor's proposal.

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