Governor Says Toll Roads are Interesting Concept

Governor Scott Walker is speaking out about lawmakers' proposed agenda and the idea of using toll roads to help shore-up the state's transportation funding shortfall. 

Speaking after an appearance in Milwaukee Thursday Walker suggested toll roads was "interesting idea and concept" but nearly impossible. 

"The toll roads that are in Chicago and Rockford area are there because they are an exemption to federal law. We'd have to have a change in federal law to have that as an option," Walker said. "Right now it would take a change in federal law."

Walker vowed not to raise the gas tax or vehicle registration fees this budget cycle and he said because it was a campaign promise he made two years ago.  

 "I don't support an increase in the gas tax or vehicle related fees unless there is a corresponding reduction elsewhere," Walker said. "It's a promise I made to the voters and one I plan on keeping."

Walker expects the budget from the State Department of Transportation to be made public Sept 15th with a an increase in state aid to local governments. 

"So that local roads and bridges can be fixed. It will put a focus on safety and maintenance of the existing system and not building new projects in the state of Wisconsin," Walker said. 

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