Governor race uses abortion ads to try to win race

Political ads focusing on abortion are being used to try to sway your vote for governor.

Political expert, Mordecai Lee, says campaign strategists are using a controversial topic to loosen voter's loyalties. The first ad, run by Emily's List, a pro-choice democratic group takes shots at Governor Walker, making women's privacy feel invaded saying, \"Governor Walker needs to get out of patients private lives, out of my examining room, and just leave women alone.\"

Lee says Democrats used the abortion strategy in other elections to win.

\"Democrats are hoping lightning can strike twice, hoping to use the abortion issue to present Walker's views in a way that would make them back off from supporting him.\"

On the flip side, Governor Walker's ad makes him look moderate saying, \"I leave the final decision to a woman and her doctor.\"

But Governor Walker signed Act 37, what some have called one of the most restrictive abortion laws anywhere in the country.

Lee says, \"He sort of softens it by saying, I understand the decision is between a woman and her doctor, but as it turns out, because of the Roe v. Wade decision, states can't impede on the states, they can't take away that right.\"

But the governor also makes sure to not alienate his conservative voting base in the commercial by saying, \"I'm pro life.\"

Ultimately the voters will decide which side they're on come November.

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