Gov. Walker warns of "Blue Wave" coming to Wisconsin

NOW: Gov. Walker warns of “Blue Wave“ coming to Wisconsin

When Rebecca Dallet became the first non incumbent liberally backed candidate to win a supreme court seat since 1995, Gov. Scott Walker warned voters of a "blue wave" both in a tweet Wednesday night, and a fundraising email Thursday morning.

Walker said to reporters Thursday republicans need to take notice.

“I hear it all the time, people say oh, you’ve got no problem," Walker said. "You’ve got high records of unemployment. Wages going up, household income going up. All these other things that are happening that are good. When people think that things are good oftentimes people can become complacent.”

State Democrats say the Supreme Court election is a sign of potential in the November election.

 “That really excites democrats that are saying we can win in this state,” Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Martha Laning said.

Laning said the Democratic party is better organized than it’s been in years.

“People are seeing that what we’re doing is making a difference. We saw a very red map for Wisconsin in 2016, and the map that we see from yesterday is very different.”

Walker says he thinks republicans need to do a better job getting their message to the public.

“We’ve done really great things," Walker said. "But we can’t assume that people know about the positive things that we’re doing for the people of the state of Wisconsin.”

Because of a recent judge’s ruling, Walker was forced to call two special elections for June 12 , ahead of the November election.

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