Gov. Walker Touts Education in Budget

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a stop at East Troy High School on Monday to highlight his investment to education this budget.

Walker who has a history of cutting money for education said this budget has historic funding for schools across the state.

That includes doubling the amount of money into 'fab labs' like the one at East Troy High School. 'Fab Labs' are laboratories where students who are interested in tech and other high demanding jobs can learn the technology before entering the workforce.

Governor Walker says the machines students use are identical to ones he see’s when he is touring manufacturing plants across the state and will give Wisconsin students an advantage on employment.

“It fits the immediate workforce needs that we have. It’s good opportunity for someone who wants to go directly into manufacturing or computer sciences, or other area, even just having a new appreciation for the work being done in those fields,” Walker said.

Not everyone was happy with Walker's visit. A small group of protesters outside the school held signs and said they are are not buying Walker’s education policies.

“He’s increasing funding now, but it seems like it’s really just a ploy for reelection, said protester Jim Schweitzer.

"He wants to take credit for boosting funds to schools right here in the homestretch when he really hasn’t been much of a proponent of schools before,” he continued.

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