Gov. Walker signs foster care system bills into law in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a total of 11 bills Wednesday between La Crosse and Wausau.

The group of bills were put together by the Assembly Speaker's Task Force on Foster Care, which is co-chaired by Representative Steve Doyle of Onalaska.

Under the new laws, changes will be made to the process of terminating parental rights, foster parent licensing between counties will become more efficient, and a new grant program will be created to help support foster parents, among other changes.

"All these things were about breaking down some of the barriers, so there's a greater emphasis on the good that can be done for children here in La Crosse County and all across the state," said Governor Walker.

All of the bills received bipartisan support in both the State Assembly and State Senate. Doyle says that's because helping kids in the foster system isn't a political issue.

"Abused or neglected kids aren't Democrats, they're not Republicans, they're kids, and the solutions to the problems that they're facing aren't Democratic solutions, they're not Republican solutions, they're human solutions," said Doyle.

Ten of the 11 bills Governor Walker signed Wednesday passed the legislature unanimously.

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