Gov. Walker and Assembly Leaders have Differing Ideas on Transportation

How will the state pay for roads in the next budget?  Important but difficult decisions must be made over the next few months, and we're again seeing disagreement between two top Republicans. 

Governor Scott Walker says we can expect to see a transportation budget proposal in about a week.

Walker says it will include significant increases for local roads and bridges, and more attention on keeping up the state system.


While Walker says he thinks people will be happy with it, he says there will be room for debate.


That debate may come from Assembly Republicans; they want every option to pay for roads on the table.

That could mean raising the gas tax, or vehicle registration fees.

Assembly Republicans, lead by Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington), are also willing to explore putting tolls on Wisconsin interstates.

These ideas show a clear divide between the Republican controlled Assembly and Governor Scott Walker.

Walker said, "The Speaker and I actually talked early today. I respect his position, I think he respects mine. My position is pretty clear. When I ran for re-election, I said I wasn't going to raise the gas tax or vehicle registration fees unless there was a corresponding drop in taxes elsewhere in the state budget. And that's a promise I made to state taxpayers and one I plan on fulfilling."

Assembly leaders and Walker do agree on a back to school sales tax holiday. That would mean back to school shopping could be done state tax free on the first weekend in August.

Walker says that is expected to end up in the upcoming state budget, and be in place by next August.

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