Gov. Scott Walker appoints Attorney Dan Kelly to Wisconsin Supreme Court

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Gov. Scott Walker appoints attorney Dan Kelly to Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Walker's spokesman Tom Everson told The Associated Press on Friday that the governor had decided to name Kelly to the seven-member court.

Kelly will replace retiring Justice David Prosser. His appointment won't change the court's 5-2 conservative majority, however.Kelly defended Republicans' 2011 legislative redistricting plan against a federal lawsuit that alleged the maps denied voters their rights.

The 52-year-old Kelly serves on the litigation advisory board for the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, a conservative group that has filed lawsuits defending several of Walker's most contentious proposals. He wrote in application materials he submitted to Walker that same-sex marriage robs the institution of meaning and affirmative action is akin to slavery.

Walker will make an announce on Facebook Live at 3:50 PM. 

Walker picked a replacement for Justice David Prosser - who is retiring at the end of this month despite having 5 years left on his current term.

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