Gov. Evers to deliver first State of the State Address Tuesday

NOW: Gov. Evers to deliver first State of the State Address Tuesday

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Governor Tony Evers will deliver his first State of the State Address on Tuesday night.

It's a chance to set the tone going forward with his administration.

The speech Governor Evers delivers will be critical in revealing his priorities and how they align with the Republican-controlled legislature.

During his campaign for governor, Tony Evers set three major priorities: education, healthcare, and transportation infrastructure.

He's expected to touch on all of those issues in his speech but the first point of contention between Evers and republicans in his first week in office is healthcare.

On Tuesday, the State Assembly will vote on AB1 which aims to guarantee coverage for people living with pre-existing conditions. But, Governor Evers has indicated that he won't sign the bill in its current form.

"It's important that whatever passes the legislature has to be equal to or better than what exists at the federal level," said Gov. Evers.

Evers also wants to expand Medicaid but republicans have told him that idea is a non-starter.

His speech will also give him an opportunity to talk about a tax cut for the middle-class. Evers wants to roll back tax credits for agriculture and manufacturing producers to pay for it but republicans want to use the budget surplus to do so.

"What a fantastic chance, for him on Tuesday, 'I accept the offer of legislative republicans to be able to use the surplus they developed for the tax cuts that he wants.' Seems like a win-win to me," said Rep. Robin Vos, Assembly Speaker, (R) Rochester.

Evers has said that the GOP tax plan falls short of what he wants.

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