Goat yoga. Go ahead, try it. It's a thing.

NOW: Goat yoga. Go ahead, try it. It’s a thing.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --Your yoga mat might be a little more crowded in one particular exercise class.  "Goat Yoga" is back for another season thanks to MKE Yoga Social and Platinum Sky Farms and their baby dwarf goats.  The class is broken into two half hours.  One focusing on yoga poses itself.  Of course with the goats. And then the other posing with them, literally, for pictures.  There's mingling too.  Organizers say working out with animals can cause your blood pressure to lower along with a drop in a stress-related hormone called cortisol.

There are various times and venues goat yoga is offered over the course of the next few months throughout Milwaukee.  Click here to see the list and perhaps even sign up. Remember you're asked to socially distance and bring your own mat and mask.  

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