Go hog wild at Harley-Davidson's Museum even during the pandemic

NOW: Go hog wild at Harley-Davidson’s Museum even during the pandemic

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--The Harley-Davidson Museum near downtown Milwaukee has been reopened to the public now for two months in the wake of the pandemic.  And it's almost like nothing has changed since before the shutdown.  Although you look a little closer, and you can see what's different.  Keeping socially distant is vital plus there's the mask ordinance in place along with many handy hand sanitizer stations.  Just about everything is accessible, including the MOTOR Bar and Restaurant and of course the museum itself.  Something new is a walking tour of the 20-acre site. 

Also, through the summer on Saturdays with proper credentials, you can actually test drive different Harley bikes.  Separately, you can take an engines class to learn about the true makeup of a Harley Hog.  To see what's available for you on campus of the H-D Museum, just click here.

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