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Go Fit Mobile Boot Camp for spinal chord injury Veterans at the Milwaukee V. A. Medical Center

 They've done their tours, and yet local veterans were put through their paces Thursday as part of a Go Fit Mobile Boot Camp.  

\"It's a fun, social, and  intense exercise for these guys,\" said physical therapist Michelle Lanouette. \"We're keeping an eye of them to make sure they don't do too much but they're having fun I think.\"

It was a  45 minutes workout  adapted from a corporate workout program aimed at building teamwork by blending games with physical activity.

Trainer Justin tells us working with Veterans is especially gratifying. \"A lot of people have reasons why they don't work out, but these guys with legitimate limitations, and you see how hard they push, it disarms that it's inspiring to everyone.\"

At a time when there is negative news about veterans and treatment, Veteran Terrence Miguel Green of Bay View told us he's proud to be taking part in something positive.

\"This is awesome. It makes me cry when I think about how people do care about us.\"

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