Go ahead and look skyward for the eclipse (safely)

This time is just about here.  Our solar spectacle will soon be before our eyes.  It all gets underway shortly before noon and ends around 2:45pm local time.  At around 1:18pm, we expect our totality (83%) to be occurring.  At this time, the moon gets in between the earth and the sun.  I'm forecasting variable clouds with muggy conditions, but we still be able to see something. 

I keep saying it should look like dusk outside even though it's in the middle of the afternoon.

Remember when you view the eclipse, you need special glasses to do so.  Even your smartphone needs a certain filter when you're taking pictures.  And while you're at it, send pictures our way to [email protected] or via the free mobile weather app. 

Once this natural phenomenon is done, we turn our attention to what's coming this evening into the overnight.  We have the chance for scattered storms with low pressure.  Some of the activity could be on the stronger side.  We had the risk for severe weather, but it's been downgraded to "marginal." Hail, gusty winds, and heavy rain are all possible. 

Once this system passes Tuesday morning, we should be in the clear for the rest of the week.  Look for lots of highs in the 70s with lows in the 50s and 60s.

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