Glendale father charged with killing son gave confession to dispatcher

GLENDALE-On Tuesday a series of calls related to last month's shooting Glendale were released.

They contain incriminating statements from the accused, Robert Washington Senior who is charged with the first degree reckless homicide of his 20 year old son.

They also contain utterances in the background, presumably from that 20 year old, Robert Junior who would later die of his wounds.

The first call from the home is from the 15 year old who survived a bullet wound to the leg.

\"Hey, I need 911 right now,\" the teenager says. \"Me and my brother been shot by my father and you need to seen 911 now please.\"

Within seconds, voices are picked up in the background.

\"Move, I'll ****ing kill you!\"

The yelling continues.

\"You gonna ****ing kill me? Get the **** off me!\"

Nobody on the line would confirm for the dispatcher who was screaming, but it is presumed it is Robert Junior who sustained mortal wounds.

The father would make another call. His speech sometimes slurred.

\"I just shot my kids,\" the man says. The dispatcher keeps him on the line.

Dispatcher: Who was shot?

Caller: My son is shot.

Dispatcher: Okay. Who shot your son?

Caller: Me

Dispatcher: You did? What is your name?

Caller: Robert Washington.

Dispatcher: Robert, you're the dad. Why did you shoot your son?

Caller: 'Cause my 15 year old son, okay..

Caller: try to bully me all the time.

Caller: The one that got shot is a good kid.


Also released the call of a panicked mother, heading to the home desperate for answers.

Mother: Did he shoot him?


Mother: You gotta be kidding me

Mother: Okay. I'm on my way there now.



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