Get off the computer and play with toys for "Screen Free Week"

Wauwatosa (CBS 58)--If you're sick and tired of your child acting like a zombie sitting in front of their computer, you now have an excuse to get them focused on something else.  It's "Screen Free Week," a fun way to reduce our dependence on digital entertainment.  This includes TV, smartphones, tablets, and computers.  The experts say our kids should only spend an hour a day being connected to technology.  Meantime, Wauwatosa toy store, "Ruckus & Glee," wants to help our children power down and reconnect with the world around through fun and games.

If your child wants to take the the "Screen Free Week" challenge, Ruckus & Glee will offer them a free toy from a particular in-store selection.  But you have to register online and sign a waiver.  Just click here to get to all this information.  

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