"Get lives back on track": Hundreds show up for Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday

NOW: “Get lives back on track“: Hundreds show up for Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday

People are getting the chance to clear up any outstanding warrants and municipal violations to get their lives back on track.

More than 200 people showed up to Christ the King Baptist Church for Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday. The special session was held by the Milwaukee Municipal Court.

“They’re gonna listen for their name, their name gets called, I look at whatever cases they have," said the Honorable Judge, Valarie Hill. "If they have warrants, I lift those. If they have driver’s license suspensions, I’ll lift those. If they have car registrations suspensions, I’ll lift those.”

Those who showed up hoped to get extra time to pay civil violations through fines, community service or other options.

“Well I’m hoping I can get my license back," said Michael Blunt. "I don’t know how the program go, but I’m just coming up here checking to see how it’s going and if I qualify for it. I would like to get it taken care of.” 

Others like Teresa Reid, said the violations were a barrier for her son's employment prospects. "It's affecting his job, and other things that he wants but he can't because he wants to be a security with a weapon."

Organizers said this process helps people feel safer about their violations

“It’s sanctuary," said John W. McVicker, pastor of Christ The King Baptist Church. "Some people, probably aren’t comfortable with going downtown and so this is like a safe haven where the same issues can be addressed, but without the intimidation of structure and police.” 

Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday has been held twice a year, since 2016. 

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