Germantown Walmart Supercenter will be first in state to debut pickup tower technology


GERMANTOWN, Wis. – July 17, 2017 – The Walmart Supercenter at W190N9855 Appleton Ave. will be the first store in Wisconsin to debut the company’s new Pickup Tower technology. These 16-foot tall structures function like high-tech vending machines and can fulfill a customer’s online order in less than a minute. The Pickup Tower will be operational on Wednesday, July 19.

To use the Pickup Tower, customers simply choose from millions of items available on and select the Pickup option at checkout. When the item arrives at the local store, an associate loads it into the Pickup Tower and the customer retrieves by scanning a bar code sent to their smartphone. Pickup Towers are the latest example of Walmart’s commitment to digital acceleration and innovation, as well as convenience, helping customers save time and shop however, whenever, wherever they want.

“The Pickup Tower pilot phase has been so successful Walmart is expanding it to additional locations across the country – and we’re proud to be the first in Wisconsin,” said Store Manager Mark Tulod. “This technology is designed to give time back to our customers with a new shopping experience.”

"Very simply put, you walk in, you have a code. You walk up to the machine, enter your information and it finds your packages. You just grab it out of the machine and walk out,” Tulod said.

Online Grocery Pickup Coming This Month

In addition, the Germantown Walmart Supercenter will add Walmart Online Grocery Pickup beginning Wednesday, July 26. For the first time, Germantown residents will be able to order Walmart groceries online and pick them up without ever having to unbuckle their seatbelts. Customers select from up to 40,000 online grocery items, diapers, dog food and more, and choose the best time to pick up. A Walmart personal shopper loads the groceries into your car when you arrive – all at no additional cost.

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