George W. Bush pens fundraising letter for Jeb

Washington (CNN)Former President George W. Bush made a fundraising appeal Thursday to supporters of his brother's presidential campaign.

In an email to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's campaign list, he notes that while he \"rarely\" sends emails \"like this ... I wanted to make sure I asked for your support on behalf of my brother, Jeb.\"

\"This is a consequential time in our nation's history, and we need a strong leader,\" the 43rd president wrote. \"He's got a tough road ahead -- take it from someone who's been there. With his strengths and your support, he will succeed.\"

The fundraising appeal from George W. Bush is the first the 2016 cycle and signals that Jeb Bush's presidential campaign is willing to deploy the former president at times to bolster the 2016 campaign, despite concerns that the elder Bush still remains a divisive president.

Jeb Bush himself has struggled when it comes to reconciling his candidacy with his brother's legacy, most notably when he tripped over questions about his brother's decision to go to war with Iraq.

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