Garcia Sentenced to 50 Years for Child Abuse

Jennifer Garcia will be serving almost 50 years, the judge simply said she stole the life of the 3 year old boy in here care.

There were some really gruesome details in this case.

Garcia was left in the care of her boyfriend's child while the child's parents were in jail.

The prosecutors and the family explained the disregard Garcia had for this child.

Garcia taunted to burn the child with a cigarette, and beat the child with a shoe until it broke.

A blow to the child's head left him with permanent brain damage. While the child lay almost unconscious for hours, possibly even a day, Garcia didn't call for help. She even hid the phone when the child's sibling tried to call 911.

The now 5 year old functions now as if he's only months old, according to the grandmother. It's because of those severe injuries, Garcia was given the full sentenced for one of the 11 counts she was found guilty of.

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