Future of Highway 175 to be studied

NOW: Future of Highway 175 to be studied

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) announced they will commission a study on reconstruction of a section of WIS 175. But at a news conference announcing the study Wednesday, May 4, city and county leaders seem to have made up their mind that 175 should be changed from a highway to a boulevard.

State Rep. Evan Goyke is a longtime supporter of the changes, his Assembly district covers most of this 1.5 stretch of highway.

"This spur was built to connect to freeways that were never built," he said.

WisDOT will spend about a year-and-a-half, and about $2-3 million on changes to the section of road between Lisbon Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue. Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley promises any eventual changes to 175 would be made with racial equity in mind.

"We have a chance to update our transportation infrastructure and dismantle the barriers that divide communities and reinforce inequality," Crowley said.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson says changing 175 to a boulevard would connect Washington Park with the nearby neighborhoods that would use it the most.

"It will unlock economic value, unlock commercial value, and it will reconnect neighborhoods, providing opportunities for multimodal transportation, not just for cars," said Mayor Johnson.

If WIS 175 is changed to a boulevard, it might need a new name. Mayor Johnson said the obvious inspiration for the stadium north freeway rename would be legendary Milwaukee Braves and Brewers slugger Hank Aaron.

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