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Funeral for 10 year old gunshot victim Sierra Guyton

MILWAUKEE-On Tuesday, hundreds filled a north side church in a necessary but regrettable memorial to Sierra Guyton.

Many had come to know her only by the news reports of how she was gunned down by some men in a street beef with no regard that were firing in playground filled with children.

Many were filled with hope that she was still breathing after being taken off of a respirator and had slight body movement.

But a miracle was not to be.

They couldn't just watch any more they had to be here in person.

\"When they said she had died,  it just did something to me,\" explain Betty Crowser who didn't know Sierra or her family but lives in Milwaukee. \"I did cry.\"

Her parents stoic leaving meaning to this all up to someone else to explain .

Former police officer now church elder Malcolm Hunt didn't hold back.

He said if we truly wish to honor this girl forever young, action must be taken to ensure never again.

\"We need to start taking a look at what we're doing to each other,\" Hunt told CBS 58 News. \"It's not another race coming in here and terrorizing our neighborhoods, or killing us or stealing from us. It's us doing it to ourselves.\"


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