Fundraiser for 13-year-old girl attacked over fictional character Slender Man

After hearing about a brutal attack in Waukesha surrounding the fictional character Slender Man, one Illinois woman wanted to help the victim heal.

\"Her determination to survive. Her compassion. Her will to live,\" said Teresa Lawhead is what inspired her to gather her biker friends and drive around in the Midwest collecting funds.

On Saturday the group, of mostly women biker headed out at 9 a.m. from Illinois and biked to Waukesha. They made several stops along the way including a Brats shop in Kenosha.

\"I see so many people with hearts of gold and they have never met me or my family and are willing to give us the shirts off their back if we asked them to,\" said Joe Leutner.

Lawhead said when hearing about the stabbing she wanted to make sure that Payton Leutner knew their were people in the world with good hearts.

\"l wanted to let her know that the world is not as dark as it seems and I felt it was important to show her that kindness because I don't want her to go through life being afraid,\" said Lawhead.

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