From an expert: Preparing your home for the next big storm

From an expert: Preparing your home for the next big storm

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Severe weather can strike at any moment and while you can’t control it, you can do things to protect your home and any storm damage that may come about. CBS 58 was joined by Tim Rusch, who owns a local branch of Property Damage Appraisers Inc. to prepare homeowners for the next big storm. 

Tips for assessing property include:

  • Check for any fallen trees or debris outside the home, on the property or near cars
  • Ensure there has been no damage to the roof of your home (very carefully, and after the weather has passed)
  • Walk through your whole property, make sure fences or any other buildings on your property are structurally sound
  • Make sure any vehicles parked outside have not been damaged by debris

Tips for preparing for the next storm surge include: 

  • Understand your risks & evacuation routes
  • Check if you have flood insurance
  • Prepare your property - do you have proper reinforcements? Clean your gutters and prune trees for wind resistance
  • Plan your family’s evacuation strategy
  • Build an emergency kit - not only food and medicine for your family and pets but include important documents, flashlights, batteries, etc.

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