Free Shakespeare in the Park's "UNSPHERE THE STARS" Fundraiser

Optimist Theatre invites you to UNSPHERE THE STARS — Our fabulously fun fundraiser variety show.

Betrayal, Bears, and Bohemia — oh my! Free Shakespeare in the Park 2014 will present the comedy THE WINTER'S TALE. But first, we need your help.

Starring Optimist Theatre comedic favorite, Mr. Phil Johnson whose sublimely hilarious physical and musical comedy is a huge hit every year.

Get your tickets now.

You will help bring THE WINTER'S TALE to Milwaukee for 12 days in June of 2014. That means that a mind-boggling 4,200 people will get to enjoy free, professional theatre this summer thanks to you.


BMO Harris Bank, Shakespeare in the Park's Presenting Sponsor, has issued a matching challenge grant. All proceeds from UNSPHERE THE STARS will help meet that challenge. If we meet it, the show goes one. If we don't, it doesn't. Pretty simple.

Purchase tickets or make a donation at

Thank you for helping make the dream of free Shakespeare in the Park a reality. We couldn't do it without you.

More Info:
Please email Susan Fry, Managing Director at [email protected]

You put me off with limber vows; but I,
Though you would seek to unsphere the
stars with oaths,
Should yet say 'Sir, no going.' Verily,
You shall not go: a lady's 'Verily' 's
As potent as a lord's. Will you go yet?
Force me to keep you as a prisoner,
Not like a guest; so you shall pay your fees
When you depart, and save your thanks. How say you?
My prisoner? or my guest? by your dread 'Verily,'
One of them you shall be.
Hermione, THE WINTER'S TALE, Act 1, sc. ii

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