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Franklin woman facing severe complications, thousands in debt after weight-loss surgery

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Franklin woman is facing severe complications and thousands of dollars in debt, all in an attempt to lose weight.

Three years ago, Colleen McShane, weighed 350 pounds at the age of 21.

She said she tried everything but just couldn't lose the weight.

"It was discouraging especially being so young. I thought you know, my metabolism should be fine, I still should be able to lose weight on my own, and I couldn't," said McShane.

That's when her doctor recommended gastric bypass surgery. But, the thing that was supposed to make her feel healthier only made her feel worse.

"Then I went through it and I woke up with complications," said McShane.

Gastric leaks, malnutrition, and infections all from a procedure that was supposed to help her. The latest estimates show that the number of procedures in the US went up 44% between 2011 and 2017.

In Wisconsin, roughly 1,400 procedures were performed in 2017.

Some doctors estimate that nine out of 10 patients don't experience complications and many patients can lose up to half or more of their total body weight in the first year of having the operation.

That work has been hard for Colleen to do, given everything she has gone through.

"So, I woke up from my surgery extremely nauseous. I had bleeding ulcers at the suture line that they clipped with little metal clips to stop the bleeding," said McShane.

And then, she had to have another surgery.

"The wound is a very deep wound. It goes all the way back to my abdominal wall," said McShane.

In the last three years, Colleen has had multiple trips to the ER -- surgeries and procedures to correct her gastric surgery. Now, she owes thousands of dollars in medical bills. Colleen hasn't had an easy weight loss journey but hopes her story will help others open up about considering the risks involved.

"Do your research. Know the risks. This surgery is a great tool but just be prepared because things can happen even if you do everything right," McShane said.

McShane has now lost 150 pounds.

To read more about McShane's surgery, click here

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MelanieBagur 329 days ago
I as well was compliant and had open RNY in 2002. I ended up after post op with a feeding tube . I was hospitalized for 5 weeks. Was not my fault either. I qlmost died multiple times . I have findly found oeace and stabilization. I hope you find that as well.
Thank you so much for commenting. I’m sorry you had issues too. I did this to educate people and give hope and support to people like us who have complications. Most complications don’t happen from noncompliance, but malnutrition due to physical issues like ulcers and strictures. I hope you continue to do well! ♥️
Dryad001 330 days ago
Sounds like a non compliant patient making herself look like a victim. She should owe the $$$, its an elective surgery. I hope she shares her medical records
ColleenMcShane Dryad001 330 days ago
Actually if you read what I wrote on my own page, you would see that the complications I suffered were not my fault. I developed ulcers while I was still in the hospital post op. I couldn’t eat or for months, which is why I required multiple central lines for TPN and three different feeding tubes due to complications from them. Please actually read the truth before you spit out lies
ColleenMcShane Dryad001 329 days ago
Also all my following surgeries were not due to any non compliance. Surgery one- gastric bypass. Surgery two-gtube placement, surgery three- gallbladder removal. Surgery four-jtube placement. Surgery five-emergency laparotomy two days later. Surgery six-skin and tissue removal due to chronic pain as a result of multiple surgeries in under two years. I also had two central lines and home nursing.
I graduated nursing school during this period as well. I have always followed my surgeons and countless other doctors orders. I prey that you never have to experience medical complications and other doubt the validity. I shared my records with the news. I was 21, and now am 24. I’ve almost died and said my goodbyes to my loved ones because I thought I was done. You have no idea the real truth of everything. I even lost all the weight I was supposed to, 150lbs. But I needed feeding tubes to keep me alive. I’d like you to reply, so I know you have read how wrong you are.
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