Fox River still falling but people's anxiety remaining high

NOW: Fox River still falling but people’s anxiety remaining high

So far so good with the Fox River.  At least for now, it's below flood stage.  However, if we get torrential rain this weekend, the trend could reverse itself, and more flooding could occur.  Of course this isn't what Richard Cassidy, who lives along the river, wants to hear.  We spoke with him right after last week's devastating floods.  And on Thursday, we caught up with him again just to see how he is.  

Cassidy, who doesn't have flood insurance, says he's finally gotten most of the water out of his house, although some water keeps seeping in the cracks.  He estimates he's lost at least $70 thousand of possessions.  He also tells me despite the loss, he's looking forward and working to rebuild his home and life.  He says he's made a promise to his wife for them to return to the place they live in a week.  

He also says he's contacted the federal government for possible financial assistance but hasn't heard anything from them yet. There's also a GoFundMe page set up for him.  So far, just over $2000 has been raised. 

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