Fox Lake Correctional Officer sentenced for multiple rapes of inmates

DODGE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- Alex Wouts, 34, has been sentenced in Dodge County for multiple rapes of inmates, the District Attorney's Office confirms.

According to a release, Wouts used his position to sexually assault inmates in his custody over a period of several years.

Wouts used his position of authority to coerce several inmates into unwilling sex acts, the District Attorney's office says. Wouts would allegedly threaten the inmates with discipline or offer privileges to the victims who cooperated.

Three victims testified against Wouts.

It's unknown how many more inmates fell victim to Wouts' assaults over the years he worked in prisons.

Wouts was found guilty by a Dodge County jury in May of this year of 5 counts of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault by Correctional Staff.

Wouts will serve 35 years of initial confinement. Judge Joseph G. Sciascia also ordered an additional 25 years of supervision.

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