Beachgoers warned of elevated bacteria level at Racine beach

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- People seeking relief from the heat at Racine's Zoo Beach had to take extra precautions Thursday.

Officials warned the public about elevated bacteria levels in the water.

A sign warned people the water could make them sick and said to swim at their own risk.

Still, dozens of people filled the beach.

"We came down, well actually up, from the Chicago area for the day, and it's a beautiful day," swimmer Eric Boutelle said. "We were having a great time...and now I'm a little freaked out."

Many swimmers missed the sign warning them about the bacteria. Some said they wish there was more than one sign alerting people to the risks.

The Racine Health Department does test the water five days a week for a strain of E-coli.

When levels are too dangerous, they close the beaches altogether.

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