Four falcon chicks banded at WE Energies Milwaukee facility

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Four falcon chicks were banded Thursday at WE Energies Valley Power Plant.

The peregrine falcons were banded in front of a group of students from St. Marcus School in Milwaukee.

“They are so cute,” 4th grade student Jazale Hill said.

WE Energies has a nest box on top of the Valley Power Plant where the chicks live. By banding the animals, experts are able to learn more about the species.

“We can track where they go and how well this population continues to grow,” WE Energies spokesperson Cathy Schulze said. “There are very few of these living on cliffs in the wild like they used to.”

The two female and male falcons were named by the students as Peaches, Chris, Shyrea and Marley. The four chicks are expected to start flying soon.

To see We Energies' falcon cams, please click here. 

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