Former State Senator to challenge Congresswoman Moore in fall election

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore is reacting to the Gary George's surprise run for her congressional seat. George is a practicing lawyer in Milwaukee, and hasn't served in office since being recalled from the State Senate in 2003. George served four years in prison for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal kickbacks.

Congresswoman Moore says there's no law keeping a felon off the ballot, but her campaign will comb over the signatures he filed. Moore says, \"I'm rather surprised that Gary George is running for office. I am taking him seriously...I think he's a serious candidate, and I'm looking forward to the debate that we'll have.\"

Republicans David King and Dan Sebring have both submitted signatures to challenge Congresswoman Moore. Independent Robert Raymond has also filed signatures to challenge Congresswoman Moore.

The George campaign was not available for comment on this story. 

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