Former Packers Player Being Sued by Mukwonago Woman

A former Green Bay Packers player Santana Dotson is being sued.

A local woman says he bought hundreds of thousands of dollars of stuff on her credit card.

The complaint was filed Friday.

It names Dotson and claims he owes a Mukwonago woman nearly $300,000.

The complaint, while very vague, says he refused to pay the loan when asked.

It alleges Dotson borrowed at least $290,000 from a woman named Kristin C. Magolan back in 2014.

It also accuses him of making unauthorized purchases on her credit cards of quote merchandise and services.

The nature of the relationship between the two is not clear.

While the case is still in its early stages, a local attorney explains the next potential steps.

“There is a possibility that there might be counter claims filed. He may allege that if this was a business relationship that she in fact owes him. or that any debts were satisfied. Or they allege about the unauthorized use of the credit card, maybe there was authorization for that,” said Thomas Simon, attorney.

As the case unfolds Simon says there could be more things that could be filed and more information that becomes public.

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