Former Mt. Pleasant Trustee candidate charged with 'battery to a law enforcement officer'

NOW: Former Mt. Pleasant Trustee candidate charged with ’battery to a law enforcement officer’

We have new details in the case of a Mount Pleasant man who was accused of punching a police officer earlier this week. According to the criminal complaint, the officer reports the suspect just didn't like how he was directing traffic.

The suspect, 66-year-old Charles Haakma, once ran for a village trustee position. He also has a history of issues with police - but the newly filed charges against him are the most serious.

That includes battery to a law enforcement officer, obstructing an officer, and disorderly conduct. All charges are connected to a incident that happened on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. near the intersection of Spring Road and Ohio Street.

Traffic is heavy on Spring street and a few crashes on Tuesday made back-ups even worse. According to the criminal complaint - that's why officer christopher huenink was parked outside of charles haakma's home: traffic control.

The officer reports that Haakma approached him in a truck and immediately started cursing at him, accusing him of blocking the driveway.

The cursing continued for some time until - according to the criminal complaint - the officer approached haakma to make an arrest.

Haakma threw multiple punches at the officer with both hands. During this time, haakma had punched ofc. huenink with a closed fist once on the upper left cheek and once on the nose causing pan to his nose and eyes to the point they began to water, according to the criminal complaint.

When eventually restrained Haakma also accused officers of touching his penis when his waist line was searched. During this procedure there were neighbors out in the front lawn including young children, according to the criminal complaint.

On Friday neighbors did not want to make further comment about the situation, other to say that Haakma is well known in the area for his style of communication.

Officer Huenink is described as having very minor injuries.

Walter Stern, Haakma's attorney, says that his client is an outspoken person who has had interaction with police - and that he will be reviewing the facts of the case closely. He declined to comment on specific of the case.

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