Former MPD officers lawsuit against Badger Guns in jury selection

The two Milwaukee Police officers - Bryan Norberg & Graham Kunisch -  are suing the gun store that sold the gun in this case. Badger Guns was known for having lax background checks. 

This lawsuit was filed shortly after Officer Norberg and former officer Kunish were shot while confronting a criminal back in 2009.

The officers claimed the suspect shot them with a gun purchased at Badger Guns, a shop that's consistently identified as one of the nation's leading sources of so-called crime guns. The store had its license taken away after the lawsuit was filed, but the officers are suing the former owners for negligence.

Six officers were hurt between 2007 and 2009 with guns purchased from the store. The case was pushed back after a national gun control group posted information online that was inadmissible. Aside from this case-- two additional officers have sued Badger Guns. That case will be heard at a later date. 

The gun - in the case this week -  was bought by one person and then given to another. That person shot two police officers in the face at point blank range.  

Both officers were in the courtroom Tuesday as jury selection continues.  Judge John DiMotto brought in more than 60 potential jurors. They'll whittle it down to 16 for the trial and then down to 12 when its time to deliberate. The judge told potential jurors how important their job is in this case. He also specifically outlined the case. 

"They were shot and injured in the line of duty in 2009," Judge DiMotto told the potential jurors.  "The firearm used in the shooting was purchased at Badger Guns. A gun store on South 43rd street in West Milwaukee. The plaintiffs alleged that Badger Guns negligently and illegally sold the firearm used in the shooting."

Badger Guns denies these allegations.  The judge said the case could take three weeks to wrap up once it starts.

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