Former MPD Captain and Head of MLB Security will Challenge Sheriff David Clarke in 2018 Election

A Milwaukee man says he has what it takes to beat Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke in the 2018 election.

Earnell Lucas announced that he plans to run against Clarke in the Democratic Primary next year.

Lucas grew up here and spent 25 years on the Milwaukee Police Department. As a captain, he left there and now works for Major League Baseball as head of security. His publicist said today, he believes the time is now for him to run for Milwaukee County Sheriff.

“He's someone who has lived in this community grown up here and understands this community. The Sheriff’s Office has gone off the rails we have an undignified presence that’s not engaging in how to make Milwaukee safer. There’s not a gang unit anymore, there's not a drug unit anymore, they aren't doing witness protection like they used to. The force is half the size it was when Sheriff Clarke took office. And we have a politician who is concerned with making public speeches. We have a situation where the jail there have been four deaths in the jail and those need to have proper investigations.  A lot of things that have been covered in the media and he thinks that he is the right guy, to right the ship and put things in order.”

Lucas plans to run as a democrat but his publicist says he wants to make sheriff a nonpartisan position. He also hopes to work with the Milwaukee Police Department and other government entities to make change.

We contacted the Sheriff's Office for comment but haven't heard back just yet.

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