Former Milwaukee Police Detective Fighting to Get Her Job Back

A former Milwaukee Police detective fired over conflicting accounts of what happened the night her unmarked squad car was involved in a crash is fighting to get her job back. 

Right now, the first part of the hearing is wrapping up.

The board will decide if there was wrongdoing on the part of Officer Shannon Lewandowski the night of the incident, during which her son was pulled over by a shore wood police officer.

 If they do find a rule was broken, they will then determine if her firing was appropriate.

This hearing is scheduled to happen in three parts over the course of today and tomorrow.

CBS 58 was the only station in the courtroom this morning.

The police department and representatives for Lewandowski questioned several witnesses, including lt. Hanley.

“Hanley was not Lewandowskis immediate supervisor, but he did supervise another detective, who Lewandowski claims asked her for help the night of the incident,” said Lt. Sean Hanley, Milwaukee Police Dept.  "If you're on assignment, officers aren't banned from talking with each other but if it's pulling them away from assignment then it's not appropriate. If they're not on an assignment, if there's downtime, of course they can talk"

As of right now the first portion of today's hearing is wrapping up. The board will reconvene later this afternoon.

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