Former Hartland Exec. Pleads Guilty to Shipping Alcohol Pads with Bacteria

The former president at Hartland-based Triad Pharmaceuticals will plead guilty to knowingly selling non-sterile alcohol pads, that were labeled as sterile.

Eric Haertle faces up to 3 years behind bars, and a $250,000 fine as part of the plea.

According to the plea agreement, the FDA raised concerns in November of 2010, after 11 children at the Colorado Children's Hospital in Denver sustained skin infections after using the pads produced by Triad. 

A Houston family also claims their two-year-old child died, after he was exposed to Triad pads following a surgery the same year. 

According to the FDA, the pads were labeled as sterile, but were far from it. Tests showed the pads were contaminated with bacillus cereus, a bacteria known to cause illness in humans. 

The FDA claims Haertle knowingly continued producing, and shipping the product, even after concerns were raised. When questioned on that decision, the agreement says “Haertle responded that he did not believe the failing lab results, because the firm had never had a failing sterility result before.” 

Records show Triad Group filed for bankruptcy in 2012. 

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