Former Guam Resident Recalls Fond Memories as Political Cloud hangs over the Island

NOW: Former Guam Resident Recalls Fond Memories as Political Cloud hangs over the Island

"They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen."

That's what President Trump said will happen if North Korea makes any threats.

Hours later, the communist nation issued a statement saying it is examining plans to attack Guam.

"It's one thing to toss off ill-considered tweets about Joe Scarborough or something like that. That's not very seemly, but it's not clear that it has any serious long-term consequences, but we're really talking about people who could destroy a city or who may well have nuclear weapons," said Marquette Political Science Professor, Barrett McCormick.

The Marquette Political Science Professor says the president was playing with fire.

"And that's not a fire I'd want to accidentally start that could have really catastrophic consequences," said McCormick.

"A wonderful place for a teenager with friends to visit. beautiful white sand and coral reef," said Royanne Moon as she looked over a scrapbook of pictures.

Moon lived in Guam for two years as a teenager. Her dad was stationed on the air force base in 1958. She still keeps in touch with people living there, and has been back to visit a few times.

"I have only the fondest memories of a very beautiful part of the world. The warmth of the people," said Moon.

But now she's a little worried the people that welcomed her with open arms are at risk from North Korea.

"I have concern but I have hope that people will be able to depend upon those that are decision makers and that we are prepared," said Moon.

Professor McCormick does say even if it's just rhetoric, challenging North Korea is dangerous.

"There's a much higher risk of war than I'm comfortable with. So, I'm still betting that we're going to be able to get through this. That seems mostly likely, but there are some risks here," said McCormick.

His expertise is to de-escalate the situation by strengthening relationships with Asian countries.

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