Former Brookfield Central High School Choir Teacher was Charged with Stealing over $47,000

A former Brookfield Central High School choir teacher was charged with stealing over $47,000 from the choir.

Phillip Olson has been charged with stealing the money over a 5 year period.

Olson worked for the district for school for 23 years.

Olson was responsible for all choirs including the concert choir and chamber choir.

He was terminated in April 2015.

“After an internal investigation, the School District of Elmbrook’s Board of Education, on the recommendation of the administrative team, terminated Mr. Olson’s employment. All available information was turned over to the City of Brookfield Police Department including the findings of a forensic accountant. We are referring all further inquiries into this matter to the Waukesha County District Attorney,” said Chris Thompson, district spokesperson.

According to court documents Olsen used the stolen money at casinos in multiple states and on credit cards in his name.

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