Forget the diet on this Fat Tuesday

NOW: Forget the diet on this Fat Tuesday

No calorie counting on this Fat Tuesday.  It's all about indulgence on this day before Lent.  And at least in our area, hands down, the Polish pantry Paczki is really the food of choice.  I went to Cranky Al's in Wauwatosa before the break of dawn to see crowds waiting to get their fill of the jelly-style doughnut.  Some five thousand of them were expected to be sold, either by pre-order or by customers purchasing them in line.  I discovered people from all over came to buy them.

In West Allis, at Aggie's, the story was similar.  Except they were counting on selling closer to 10 thousand Paczki.  They were also predicting to sell hundreds of King Cakes with the baby Jesus inside of it.  Those with the bakery say the fact Valentine's Day is on Wednesday only makes them busier.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and continues right before Easter on March 29th.

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