Food bank feeling impact of coronavirus

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin says they are feeling the impact of the coronavirus. 

The food bank helps provide food to food pantries and shelters. 

"Because people are going to the grocery stores and buying so much we’re getting less donated by the grocery stores, less excess food is available for us to pick up now," said Scott Marshall, Director of Development with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. 

Marshall says they are also in need of volunteers. 

"We’re seeing volunteers thinking safety first and they’ve been canceling volunteering, so the ability to sort the food has really been impacted. Until that food goes through the sorting process to ensure quality control and for it to be categorized, we can’t make it available for the members to be able to feed the hungry," he said. 

He says if this continues for the next few weeks, they're going to start running short on donated food and will need to start buying food. 

"For example, we recently purchased a truck load of peanut butter which cost $37,000." 

He said monetary donations help and they are open and ready to take volunteers. 

To donate, click here. 

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