Fond du Lac puppies injured by bleach adopted

FOND DU LAC -- The three puppies doused in bleach have been adopted by three separate families. The Fond du Lac Humane Society has been caring to the pups for a few weeks.


A neighbor who heard one puppy whimpering found it in a garbage dumpster outside an apartment complex on February 22nd. That neighbor contacted police and the humane society, they eventually found a second puppy who had been hit in the face with bleach, and a third puppy who was not abused. All three dogs are six to eight weeks old.


The two dogs that had been bleached were treated by the Fond du Lac Humane Society. Originally, staffers predicted the dogs had little chance of surviving this incident.


The humane society says the family was breeding pit bulls for profit. They surrendered the mother and father pit bulls to police. 

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