Flu-stricken school reopens Monday

NOW: Flu-stricken school reopens Monday


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A scrubbed-down Mother of Good Counsel Elementary School reopened Monday morning in Milwaukee.

On Tuesday, February 6, the Catholic school sent a letter home to parents saying they would be closed for the remainder of the week after dozens of students and faculty got the flu.

During those three days, the school was disinfected so doors could reopen.

"We start the day each morning with prayer and that was my prayer this morning was for all the children who are sick.  And our parents have been informed multiple times, please, your child must be symptom-free, including any sign of a temperature for at least 24-hours without medication."

Thirty students were still absent Monday when school reopened. On a normal day, the principal says they get maybe five to ten sick calls.

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