Flooded communities dealing with mosquito problem

NOW: Flooded communities dealing with mosquito problem

OZAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Some flood damaged communities are now dealing with a new set of problems - a surge of mosquitoes.

Although it's late in the year, it's not stopping swarms of them in certain parts of the state.

“Oh yeah, definitely. We noticed it last night," said Wendy Fawcett, who was visiting Thiensville. "So the kids can’t go out when they come home from school, it’s a pity really.”

The cause is heavy rainfall and standing water from flooding.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, it’s causing a higher level of mosquitoes in the southern part of the state.

"Mosquitoes lay their eggs on top of the water, a female can lay up to 400 eggs and they will hatch into what we call these wrigglers, and then they have to go through their life cycle underwater," said Lisa Johnson, University of Wisconsin Extension, Horticulture Educator.

The past few weeks, the little insects have been a big problem in Dane and Ozaukee Counties. If the same rain pattern continues, it could possibly go on for another 20 days, according to experts.

Some people are finding ways to ignore them.

Just gotta cover up so they don't get me, spray my DEET," said John Lee.

As for concerns about mosquitoes carrying disease, Johnson said levels of West Nile are not as high as they used to be.

However, to protect yourself you should use repellent, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants thick enough to prevent mosquito bites, and light colored clothing (dark colors attract them).

It's also helpful to eliminate their breeding places by removing or changing standing water such as ponds, bird baths, etc. 

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