"It's devastating:" Flood-related debris removal begins in Burlington

“It’s devastating: “ Flood-related debris removal begins in Burlington

People in Burlington are helping those who were hit hard by last week's floods. Debris pickup starts Monday and goes for the next two weeks. 

The city of Burlington is working with a disposal company which will come through over the next two weeks. They'll be removing flood-damaged furniture and large items from homes that were hit the hardest.

The Mayor of Burlington said she's pleased with the community response and the efforts from Governor Walker and Speaker Paul Ryan to come out and meet with people. 

Still, she said it will be a while until things get back to normal. "It's devastating. Believe it or not, I found out that this disaster is the largest in Racine County history in 30 years so that's really telling you something."

The mayor also said she is meeting with emergency management teams frequently to make sure she's pushing out the latest information to residents.

She said the most important thing she wants people to know is that their elected teams are there for them.

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