Five people taken to hospital after crash, including three children

A serious crash sent five people to the hospital Wednesday morning near 12th & Atkinson.

It happened around 7:35 a.m. Milwaukee Police say a car driven by a 25-year-old woman was trying to turn left on N. 12th Street when her car was hit by another car. Two children - ages one and three - were thrown from the car. The one-year-old was then hit again by the other car. That car was driven by a 26-year-old Milwaukee man.

A five-year-old inside the man's car was also injured in the crash.

A witness recalls what he saw.

\"Both child, at first when I seen them, they didn't look like they had any life,\" Joe Smith, who lives nearby, said. \"Until one of them starting breathing then the other one over here started crying so that's when we knew they had life.\"

Officers on scene remind people that car seats can help prevent this type of incident. It's unclear whether or not the child were in car seats. If they were, they did not stay in the car seats during the collision.

\"It's not good enough just to have a car seat in the vehicle,\" Milwaukee Police Department Sgt. Stephen Chin said. \"The car seat itself has to be properly secured with seatbelts and restraints and children need to be secured in the car seat.\"

All five people were taken to the hospital. The man who hit the other car could face charges of causing injury to a minor and driving with a suspended license.


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