Five charged in Village of Pewaukee meth bust

VILLAGE OF PEWAUKEE -- 40 officers from different municpalities took part in busting a meth operation in the Village of Pewaukee. Police arrested six people during a Thursday raid made possible by a tip that the house was getting a shipment of meth from California. 

Village of Pewaukee Police Officer Jeff Lenius says, \"The tip initially came that this house was receiving packas out-of-state containing crystal meth, was a several week investigation culminating yesterday with the search warrant.\"

One officer was injured by a dog when the raid began. Officers also found a young child living in the home.

Neighbor Mike Goedheer says, \"It wasn't a surprise. A lot of people rumored something was going on that wasn't quite right. We knew there was undercover police staking out the house for quite some time.\"

For Goedheer this raid is a reminder that money can't buy you peace of mind. \"This is the kind of property values you're paying a premium to live our here,\" said Goedheer. \"You should have to deal with this kind of stuff.\"


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