First responders prepare for snowy night

NOW: First responders prepare for snowy night


GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) – First responders are watching the weather just like everyone else.

The unpredictable nature of being a first responder is in stark relief during winter weather events. It doesn't matter that there was snow this weekend, each day on the job is its own animal.

Paramedics in Greenfield say they may receive as few as one or two calls or possibly dozens. Driving mishaps will most likely be an issue. Emergency crews say they expect to see cars sliding through red lights or off the road, possibly rear-ending other vehicles.

Paramedics say the snow we've already had is not something to take lightly.

"You see the drivers that are just carrying on like normal, not realizing that snow does cause the road to be more slick so their car may not be able to stop as early as they're used to. We just ask that people stay focused on the road and give themselves enough time and space between other cars," said Greenfield Firefighter/Paramedic Devin Shade.

Something else to look out for, snow from the weekend may have turned to ice on some roads and now the new snow will cover that up.

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