First Responders Honored After Delivering Baby

CBS 58— A Waukesha County family honored first responders in the Village of Sussex, after those emergency workers delivered a baby boy who came unexpectedly.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it took nearly a dozen village of Sussex firefighters and along with Waukesha County deputies and dispatchers to bring Hunter Mastalir safely in to the world after Tina Mastalir suddenly went in to labor just before 3 AM October 17.

“He wanted to be known I think, that's basically what it was,” Tina said.

Tina’s husband, Dan, called 911.

“I was just trying to stay calm,” Dan said.

“This doesn't happen very often so it's amazing to be a part of,” added Ashley Sawyer, the dispatcher who took the call.

 Minutes later  first responders were on scene and took over, delivering Hunter at 3:14 AM.

“It was relaxing [when they arrived] because I knew someone was there that knew what they were doing, no offense to my husband,” Tina joked.

Monday night the Mastalirs presented the team that helped that night with stork pins to wear on their uniforms.

Fire Chief Tony Emanuele, who was there that night, says this is the first baby his department delivered in his 34 years on the job

“This was one of the calls that makes us feel like this is why we do the job,” Emanuele said. “This is worth it. This makes it worth it.”

Now the Mastalirs and these emergency workers say they're bonded- forever.

“We  all experienced this together and they just did an amazing job and we wanted to thank them from the bottom of our hearts,” Dan said.

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